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Healthy Heart - Healthy Pleasures is a full service health food and supplement store. We offer a variety of products for enhancing your health and/or maintaining your already good health. We believe in providing the best products available. We have a wide selection of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements.

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Our store is supplied with wholesome, natural foods, from organically grown produce to a wide selection of bulk and prepared foods. We offer specialty foods for a select population who may suffer from allergies, celiac sprue or other ailments of the metabolic system. We also offer a selection of health and beauty aids as well as aromatherapy products for healing and pleasure.


We have a broad choice of reading materials for purchasing, but also have a Lending Library for depth study on natural methods of healing. These materials are lent out as in any library with a name and telephone number. We do not “buy into” every fad that hits the market, assuring our customers of quality and reliability in the efficacy of our products.